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Request a Police Security Check

  1. Terms, Conditions & Release
    The Town of Boiling Springs does not assume responsibility for the location and will not provide 24-hour police protection. It is also understood that the Town of Boiling Springs makes no representations of warranties as to the results of the Security Check. Requests will only be accepted for properties located inside town limits. Furthermore, you authorizes the Police to enter the residence/business/property if any of the following conditions exist: an unlocked/broken door/window or other mode of entry is found or reported, an alarm has been activated, a police officer has reasonable cause to believe there has been an unlawful entry, utility damage may require shutting off water, gas, or electricity in order to prevent damage, any other condition found by police officers, which give reasonable cause to believe that there is an unsafe condition. Furthermore by clicking submit you are indicating that you have read this information, understand the terms and agree to hold the Town of Boiling Springs, it’s employees and agents, harmless for any damage resulting from an entry being made pursuant to this waiver and consent.
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