2023-2024 Strategic Plan

On March 18th, 2023, the Boiling Springs Town Council and Staff met at the Shelby-Cleveland County Airport to review the past year and determine goals for the next 12 months. These goals and decisions will guide the budgeting process and give staff direction for decisions made through 2023-2024.

To broadly summarize, the ethos for Boiling Springs continues to be "respectful growth" with a focus on encouraging new business development while ensuring we continue to provide the highest quality of life to our residents. Use the following link here to read the complete Strategic Plan. 

In the inaugural year in 2022-2023, Council chose to focus on business recruitment, staffing, infrastructure, and quality of life and place making as their top four priorities. These priorities, as well as the current strategic plan's priorities, are not listed in order of importance. The specific goals under each priority was met by Council and staff. These goals included developing a comprehensive business recruitment package for the town, explore options for the use of the land and building(s) located at the Old Town Hall site and determine the best use, get Liquor-by-the-Drink on the ballot, initiate a Parks Master Plan process, and identify potential ways to extend sewer to existing neighborhoods. All of these goals were accomplished.

The general priorities remained the same for 2023-2024 but the specific goals have changed. These new goals include completing Retail Strategies training for Town Commons Plaza, form a business committee, explore expanding benefits for current and future employees, implement a new sewer extension policy, explore partnerships with the Earl Scruggs Center, and continue to build Town events. 

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