Business Development & Outreach

The Town of Boiling Springs is open for business. Our staff works with developers and entrepreneurs to streamline the permitting and inspections processes of proposed projects and developments. Projects in Boiling Springs can progress from initial sketches to approved plans on a very competitive time frame. Information about development permits and approvals can be found in the Planning and Zoning section.

Cleveland County is home to numerous ISO 9000 certified companies, and a broad diversity of manufacturing firms. The local economy is diverse, with no dependence on any one industry. Truck cabs, compact discs, transmissions, aircraft parts, ceramic capacitor material, electric motors and production equipment are just a few of the items fabricated in Cleveland County. Cleveland County offers access to Interstate Highways 85, 40, 26 and 77 assures that goods and services flow freely to their destination from one of 250 trucking firms located throughout the area. More than half of the nation can be reached within 24 hours.