Garbage & Recycling

The Town offers various Solid Waste Services to residents including curbside garbage, recycling, yard waste, and bulk item collection. Various route maps, collection schedules, and guides on what items can be collected are available below.

Garbage & Bulk Pickup

The Town uses a specialized automated side-load vehicle to collect solid waste. 95 gallon roll-out carts are provided to residents and are picked up weekly.  All garbage must have the liquid drained and putrescible waste must be bagged prior to placement in garbage containers. Garbage containers must be unobstructed with three foot clearance in all directions for pickup.  

The Collection of bulk items such as furniture, large plastic yard toys, mattresses, etc. can be requested using our Online Request Form or by calling 704-434-2357.

Effective July 1, 2021, the Town of Boiling Springs Public Works crews will only collect (bulk waste) furniture, large plastic yard toys, mattresses, etc. on the first Friday of every month. Bulk items should be placed adjacent to the street or sidewalk by 8:00 am but no sooner than 24 hours prior to the day of collection. 

The following items will be prohibited with regards to any type of collection by the town or its agents and may not be placed for collection.

  1. Highly combustible, flammable, poisonous, radioactive or explosive material;
  2. Used cars, buses, motorcycles, or any self-propelled vehicle;
  3. Tires or scrap tires;
  4. Batteries of any type of kind;
  5. Machinery or scrap metal of any kind;
  6. Waste resulting from construction, demolition, land clearing, or renovations and improvements;
  7. Any item that the town does not have the equipment with which to properly dispose of or does not have access to proper disposal methods;
  8. Any item that the County landfill will reject or impose a fine upon the town for the disposal thereof; and
  9. Any item the collection or transport of which, is deemed hazardous either to personnel or equipment by the Director of Public Works or their designee. 

Yard Waste Service

Yard Waste is normally collected on the same day as garbage. Town crews work diligently to maintain this schedule but particularly during leaf-season, crews are overwhelmed by the volume of yard waste generated. When this happens, crews continue to collect the routes in order as quickly as possible to get back on schedule. Please see the policy below for more information about what items we can collect and how we maintain our collection schedule.

Recycling Service

Recycling is collected on alternating Fridays through a contract with Republic Services. A route map, annual calendar and information regarding recyclable materials is located below. To receive a recycling cart, call Town Hall at 704-434-2357 or submit our Online Request Form.

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