Golf Cart Information

Regulation of Golf Carts on Public Streets:

The regulation of golf carts on public streets is necessary to address the interests of public safety. Golf carts are not designed or manufactured to be used on public streets, roads, or highways and the Town of Boiling Springs in no way advocates or endorses their operation on roads. All persons who operate or ride upon carts on roads do so at their own risk and peril and must be observant of and attentive to the safety of themselves and others. TOBS has no liability under any theory of liability for permitting carts to be operated on roads under special legislation granted by the State Legislature. Any person who operates a cart must procure liability insurance sufficient to cover the risks involved in using a cart on roads in the Town of Boiling Springs.

Rules and Regulations:

Golf carts shall not be operated on or alongside a public road with a speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour. Any person who operates a golf cart must be responsible for all liability associated with the golf cart. Any person who operates a golf cart must hold a valid driver's license. The operator shall comply with all traffic rules and regulations, including but not limited to those banning the possession and use of alcoholic beverages and all other illegal drugs. An operator may not allow more riders than the maximum golf cart capacity allowed at any one time. Golf carts shall not be operated at a speed above 20 miles per hour. No parking or riding on sidewalks is allowed.


All golf carts must complete a golf cart registration application and submit to the Town of Boiling Springs for approval. Before driving on public streets, the operator of a golf cart must have a valid issued registration. An annual fee of $50 shall be assessed for each permit. Each owner must have proof of ownership, liability insurance, and a completed waiver of liability. These documents shall remain in the golf cart at all times while in operation on public roads. All golf carts must be inspected for safety by the chief of police or their designee. All golf cart operators must carry a valid driver/s license while operating a golf cart on a public road. 

This is an incomplete list of rules and regulations. For a comprehensive list of rules, regulations, and permitting requirements, please click here

For a copy of the Golf Cart Approved Streets Map, please click here

Golf Cart Approved Streets Map