Park Master Plan

The Town is working with McGill Associates to develop a Park Master Plan which inventories existing recreation facilities and opportunities and creates a site specific revitalization plan for the park located behind the Town Hall. 

Public Input

The public has been an integral partner in developing the master plan. Input from several public meetings, a booth at the Town's Crossroads Festival, and an online survey conducted for several months have been used to forge plans for the future of recreation in Boiling Springs. 

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Grant Funding

Survey results indicate citizens want the Town to pursue grants, donations, and similar funding sources for this project. We are listening and pursuing several funding avenues. The Master Plan will be completed in late 2017 or early 2018 and the Town will pursue a dollar for dollar matching grant from the state's Parks and Recreation Trust Fund (PART-F) which will go a long way to help fund the needed overhaul at the park. We have secured $80,000 in funding from Cleveland County aimed towards ensuring the facility is accessible for people of all physical abilities. We continue exploring other funding options including private donations, corporate giving programs, and relevant non-profits.